Assistive products for elderly

Bed monitoring system "M-2"

Give warning when a patient is leaving and returning to bed

The bed monitoring system "M-2" consists of four pressure sensors for detecting the balance of the force carried on the bed. The pressure sensors detect as the persons with dementia is leaving and returning to the bed. It detects and displays 4 different types of patient’s movements, turning over, getting up from lying, sitting on the edge of bed, leaving from the bed. The signals are sent to a receiver that can be set as an example in a nurse station. It also gives warning when a patient leaves the bed longer than a certain time. This will reduce the burden of caregivers and give a higher degree of safety for the end user.
For people with dementia who have the tendency of wandering.
●Warning operating situations: turning over on the bed, getting up from lying, sitting at the bedside, and getting out of a bed
●Liquid crystal panel is adapted to hand controller.
Technical specifications
Dimensions: L215.1 × W96.5 × H65.3~99.8cm
Bed section height range: 25.8~60.3cm
Back section adjustment: 0°~72°
Leg section adjustment: 0°~45°
Safe working Load: 170kg (including accessories)
Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz 130W (continuously 2mins)