Assistive products for elderly

Powered Turning Bed

Help to turn a patient over automatically


The powered Turning Bed has an "automatic patient turning" function, which ensures the "turning" to be automatically operated for the whole day to prevent bed sore. (low speed 0° ~ 10° / 20.40.80 sec). Both sides of the bottom can be inclined from 0° to 25°. The height can be adjusted between 32cm and 66cm. The positional turning can be carried out without touching the body of the patient. These functions provide a high quality sleep to the patient as well as reduce the burden of the caregivers.

For people who is a need to be turned over during night.
●The back section and leg section will tilt automatically in accordance with instruction setting.
●Quick release function makes sure the bed section to return to flat during power failure.
●The operating speed of bed section is adjustable.
Technical specifications
Dimensions: L211.1 × W92.2 × H73.2 ~ 107.7cm
Bed section height range: 32 ~ 66.5cm
Back section adjustment: 0° ~ 75°
Leg section adjustment: 0° ~ 24°
Tilting adjustment: manual: 0° ~ 25°, automatic: 0° ~ 100°
Total weight: 115kg
Safe working Load: 170kg (including accessories)
Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz 130W (continuously 2mins)