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Whole Body Shiatsu Massager-Tsubo Healther

Give comfortable Shiatsu massage to user’s whole-body.

Our Whole-body SHIATSU massage machine guarantees a more pleasant and smoothing Japanese SHIATSU massage and back straightening experience. Make it part of your life and discover the true meaning of relaxation.


The “Tsubo Healther” provides pleasant and smooth Japanese SHIATSU massage and a nice back straightening experience. Two sets of rollers gently manipulate the complete backside of the body to provide a full SHIATSU massage experience. The whole-body massage helps to relieve muscle stiffness and promote circulation over the entire body, from the ankles to neck. The built-in heater warms the body to enhance the benefits of the massage. It promotes deep relaxation to both your body and mind.

♦FRANCEBED research on the supine posture
The world SHIATSU in Japanese means “using the hands to apply external pressure to the body.” SHIATSU is a popular technique for stimulating health and body functions using only the hands.

♦Japanese SHIATSU
The middle back contains a multitude of SHIATSU pressure points. The most important are the tender points, which run along the spine and are marked by slight indentations. The application of pressure to the tender points produces a pleasurable sensation of intense stimulation. At the correct level of stimulation, this can help to relieve stiffness, promote blood circulation in the immediate area and accelerate recovery from fatigue.

There are already many massage machines that seek to replicate the SHIATSU technique. But only our whole-body SHIATSU massage machine, with its unique approach to stimulating the body by reproducing the effect of applying “natural body weight” through the human hand, can genuinely recreate the gentle feel of a real SHIATSU massage.

♦Back straightening
Unnatural posture and stooped shoulders are an unfortunate adjunct to our modern lifestyles. Although we learn to sit in chairs from a young age, we often to sit with correct posture. Assuming the same posture for a prolonged period can bring on tiredness, the accumulated effect of which is the fatigue that is a common affliction of modern living. Unnatural rounding and twisting of the back causes chronic shoulder stiffness and back pain.

Our Whole-body SHIATSU massage machine helps to relieve muscle stiffness and pain while gently straightening and realigning the back to eliminate rounding and twisting. A daily session helps to stimulate circulation in the vicinity of the spine while promoting the function of the stomach and intestines.

For people who wants to have Shiatsu massage at home.
●Accelerates fatigue recovery
●Promotes blood circulation
●Relieves muscle tiredness
●Reduces muscle stiffness
●Alleviates nerve and muscle pain
Technical specifications
Power supply: 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Energy consumption: 0.55~0.65A
International assurance: CE RoHS
Weight: 18kg~22.5kg
Outer material: PVC / Polyester, Nylon
Dimensions (mm)
Full length: L2100 × W620 × H90
folded length: L1100 × W620 × H180
Accessories: weights (2 units 12kgs)