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Robot Assist Smart Walker "RW-01"

Walk Smart with Robotic Assistance


On the uphill, the power assist automatically works and you can walk easily. When going downhill, the brakes automatically work and you can walk slowly.
You can walk stably without losing steering control. Also, when the hand is released, the sensor inside the grip detects it and RW-01 stops automatically.

People who are worried about going up and down the slope
● According to the user's function and use environment, the speed of power and brake can be adjusted in 4 staps.
● Various sensorscan can detect the road condition and walking speed.
● Voice reminder inside can help walk safely.
Technical specifications
● Dimensions: L74.0 × W54.6 × H73.5~86.0cm
● Weight:9kg
● Safe working Load:100kg
● Battery:Lithium ion battery
● Material:Aluminum, Carbon, polypropylene, Nylon, Stainless, Rubber