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Hand Supporter "Rakukaki"

Help people with hand tremor to be able to write.

Hand Supporter "Rakukaki" helps people who have difficulty in writing letters and stabilizing the pencil due to hand tremor by Parkinson’s disease. It’s also helpful writing letters with non-dominant hand when user has hemiplegia or injury. It is fitted to the shape of user’s hand with a comfortable feeling. The belt has a grip for the pencil. When writing, the users first fit the base of “Rakukaki” to their palms; then bend the belt around the thumb to achieve the most comfortable writing position.
For people who have hand tremor.
●Rakukaki for left hand or right hand is available
●Soft and comfortable
●Lightweight and portable
Technical specifications
Dimensions: full length 26.5cm
Weight: 32.5g
Materials: inner: metal wire, silicon
Cover: synthetic leather
Color: black