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Cry-Laugh "Tartan"

Baby robot comforts persons with dementia with its smile.

Baby Doll “Cry-laugh Tartan” is a communication baby robot which can reduce stress for a person with dementia in an effective way. It has soft and flexible body, with a built in tactile sensor. It has voice sampling which makes the users feel like dealing with a real baby.

If the user picks it up and touch the baby robot, it will start to laugh or cry. It laughs when the user gently strokes its foot and cry when the user touch its hands. It has a psychological effect on users improving their relaxation and motivation. It also encourages the socialization of users with each other and with the caregivers.
Persons with Dementia
●Starts laughing or crying when people touch its hand or foot.
●Calms someone who is upset;
●Clothes can be removed and easy to clean
Technical specifications
Body size: about 47cm long
Weight: 1.4kg
Material: doll/ soft plastic, cloth/ polyester
Accessories: cot, pillow, blanket
Battery: AA battery × 3