Sound Sleep Products

Cool Hug Pillow

Make your sleep cool and comfortable, for hot and sleepless night.

Even though at the hot and sleepless night, Cool Hug Pillow will smooth your body and mind coolly.
For people who want to feel cool during sleep.
●Excellent cool contact feeling
●Powerful deodorization effect against 4 biggest offensive odors
●Can be hand washed
Technical specifications
Lucky(Polar Bear) small / 49x22x15cm
Lucky(Polar Bear) medium / 60x28x19.5cm
Lucky(Polar Bear) large / 100x50x30cm
Love(Penguin) small / 46x25x15cm
Love(Penguin) medium / 59x24x18cm
Love(Penguin) large / 110x50x30cm
Que(Otter) small / 43x19x14.5cm
Que(Otter) medium / 60x28x19.5cm
Que(Otter) large / 82x38x25cm
Lop(Rabbit) small / 42x20x15cm
Lop(Rabbit) medium / 57x29x20cm
Lop(Rabbit) large / 77x38x28cm
Surface: polyester 95% polyurethane 5%
Cool De Odor fabric: polyester 64%, polyester 20%, nylon 16%
Stuffing: polyester 100% with strong deodorant tape