Our innovative Products

《FRANCE BED’s development mind》

What FRANCE BED always keep in mind
is to develop the innovative products.

  1. We realize what the market or the era want.
  2. To produce, we always follow the safety regulation of each country.
  3. To support the global aging society, we work on the product creation which only super aged country Japan can do.

FRANCE BED’s primary innovative products

  • 【innovative point】

    The way of thinking that
    changes common sense.
    Non electricity auto brake wheelchair
    Safety wheelchair “Koroba-Nice”

    Even though electrical auto brake is mainstream, we have developed non electric auto brake. The result of thinking through how to prevent fall down, we have reached non electric auto brake which is totally deferent from common sense.

  • 【innovative point】

    The idea to minimize the risk
    Even if you fall over,
    the bed is low enough.
    Ultra low bed “Floorbed”

    Differently from before, we have reviewed the structure of the electric bed itself, then we developed the high-low system adjusted by wire. We realized this wonderful low height so that we succeeded to minimize the risk in case of fall down from the bed.

Other products