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マルチポジションベッド Multi-position

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4 positions can be taken with
one button operation.


"Sleeping position"

The position where you can take a good rest
from the bed's original "sleeping" posture.


[What you can do in sleeping position]

·Back raising function that can be adjusted steplessly*

Effective in reducing aspiration risk,
relieving gastric juice return, and controlling blood pressure.

*Steplessly adjustable from 0° to 75°


"Reclining position"

A position where you can take a relaxed posture
by adjusting your favorite angle by raising your back and legs.


[What you can do in reclining position]

·Expansion of visibility

By raising your back, you can change your field of view
so that you can watch TV and read books in a comfortable
position while on the bed.

  • mulposi02_sideup
  • Side up function

    Stable rise with side up function.

    Both sides of the back platform wrap your body in conjunction with raising your back. Maintains a stable sitting position, preventing falls and pinching of upper limbs on side rails, etc.


"Sitting position"

A position where even if it is difficult to take a sitting position
with the soles on the floor, a stable sitting posture can be achieved.


[What you can do in sitting position]

·Any person of any height can take a sitting posture
by putting the entire sole of the feet on the floor.

Can be adjusted according to the height*.

*Recommended for persons over
140 cm tall.
·Anyone can secure a stable sitting position.

Adjustable backrest and seat angle*.

*To adjust the seat angle, use the back button and leg button. ·You can eat in sitting position, reducing the risk of aspiration.
  • mulposi03_kurutto
  • Dedicated fixed grip
    "Kurutto Support".

    Rest assured that it comes with a special
    support for supporting the body.


"Standing position"

Position that supports rising and transferring with the lift-up function.
A relaxing position on the bed.


[What you can do in standing position]

·The seat surface (rear seat) is lifted up* *Lift up from 35 to 75 cm

The seat surface and backrest are tilted so that the hip is lifted
as it is to support standing up and transferring.
Those who are worried about tilting can lift up
without tilting.

Those who can stand up by themselves. ·To walk by yourself

Those who can stand up on their own can stand up using the special fixed grip
"Kurutto Support" and walk using handrails and walkers.

Those who have difficulty standing up on their own,
those who need assistance with transfer.
·Reduction of caregiver burden

It reduces the burden on the body when guiding and holding.

Easy use even in acute rehabilitation.

  • When it is difficult to maintain
    sitting position early after surgery.

    Mal-posi 3 "Sitting position" allows you to perform rehabilitation easily in the sitting position.

  • When you want to recover the sense
    of standing early after surgery.

    Mul-posi 3 "Standing position" allows you to take a standing position and easily sit in a high position.


Other enhanced functions

  • Multi position button

    Can be moved to various positions with one button operation.

  • Kurutto Support
    Button (sold separately)

    Hand button that can be installed on Kurutto Support. You can operate with confidence while holding your hand.

  • Legs to choose

    • thi_area_cont_other03

      Fixed leg

    • thi_area_cont_other04

      Caster leg

  • Back raising function

    Back raising function that can be adjusted steplessly from 0° to 75°.

  • Leg lifting function

    Step-up function that can be adjusted steplessly from
    0° to 20°.

  • thi_area_cont_othermen01
  • Vertical lifting function

    Stepless vertical lifting of
    40 cm stroke of platform surface 35 cm to 75 cm.

  • Wooden headboard

  • Air breeze bottom

  • Additional side rails(sold separately)

  • Back-up battery installed

    Equipped with a back-up battery that can return the platform to a flat surface in the event of a power failure.

  • Misoperation prevention safety key

    Safety key to prevent accidental misoperation of the remote control.

  • Peripheral options
    (sold separately)

    Side tables and special grips are also available.

  • thi_area_cont_othermen02
  • See product movements
    in a series

  • Product explanation video

Product specifications

Dimensions L206.0 x W120.0(Leg) / W130.0(Castor) x H86.0 ~ 126.0cm
Bed section height range 35 ~ 75cm
Back section adjustment 0° ~ 75°
Leg section adjustment 0° ~ 20°
Total weight 149kg (fixed legs with grip), 152kg (caster legs with grip)
Max user weight 170kg
Safe working Load 200kg (including accessories)
Operation time Continuously 2mins

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