About Us

Overseas Business

To date, we FRANCE BED have focused on manufacturing and distributing interior furniture and bedding such as pillow and duvet, nursing bed and welfare products for the domestic market.
We have both made-in-Japan products with high quality and the products designed by FRANCE BED with attractive price. We believe that not only in Japan, but also worldwide people would be satisfied with our products. Therefore, we are now trying to expand our business to overseas market.
We have already had experiences to export to East and South-east Asian countries such as China including Taiwan, HK, Thailand, and Singapore. However, we are still looking for distributors in Emerging countries.
We usually trade directly with local distributors or through domestic/local trading companies except for China, where we have a subsidiary company.
We are also considering Middle-east market and Europe market, so we are promoting our brand and developing new customer in those countries through attending exhibitions for future business.
If you are interested in cooperation with our company to expand our products to overseas market, your contact is always very welcome.

  • Jiangsu FB Maintenance Center

    As a pioneer in the home care rental business in Japan, we will provide know-how to companies considering rental business overseas to help them start their business efficiently. The photograph is the maintenance center of the agency that has a rental business in China.

  • Store in Singapore Takashimaya

    For companies that are considering home care shops overseas, we will provide advice on layout, display products, customer service methods, etc., and help store operations. The photo is a care shop in Takashimaya of Singapore.

  • Winner of AAIF
    Best Excellence Award

    At AAIF (Singapore), where a large number of medical professionals gathered, our Powered Turning Bed was selected as the"Innovative Care Product" for the best excellence award.

  • An event at the well-established department store "Yue Hwa Chinese
    Products" in Hong Kong

    We collaborated with the agent in Hong Kong and participated in the care event of the department store.

  • Exhibition view (MIFF)

    Jointly with the local agent, we exhibited at a furniture exhibition in Malaysia. The photo shows our booth at the MIFF exhibition.