Whole-body SHIATSU Massager Tsubo Helther

What is "SHIATSU"?

According to oriental medicine, a human has hundreds
of places called "TSUBO", which are connected to the internal
organs and body parts through nerves.
SHIATSU stimulates TSUBO using hands and fingers, which relieves stiffness, promotes blood circulation and accelerates recovery from fatigue.
More than 100 years ago, SHIATSU was established in Japan.
And now it's known worldwide as a unique Japanese
technique therapy.

Key points of the Tsubo Helther

  1. Point 1Possible to take 4 positions
    with one button operation

    The same posture as SHIATSU

    The general massagers provide the treatment in a sitting position.
    On the other hand, “Tsubo Healther“ provides the treatment in a lying position.

    The same movement as SHIATSU

    SHIATSU is gently treated by fingers.
    The rollers of "Tsubo Healther" are made of natural rubber designed to
    reproduce the shape and feel of SHIATSU massager's thumbs.

    The same feeling as SHIATSU

    SHIATSU is effective because it applies pressure to each part with the fingers.
    "Tsubo Healther" applies pressure to each part in the same way.

  2. Point 24 selectable modes

    Full Massage Mode

    Automatically massages the whole body from neck to ankle. This mode massages with various combinations of the roller movement and the vibration.*Only the VS model has the vibration function.

    Whole-body Massage Mode

    In addition to whole-body massage, there is also the mode to intensively massage the upper or lower body.

    Partial Massage Mode

    In this mode, you can get a massage at the specified areas intensively, such as your back or waist.

    Stretch Mode

    In this mode, the roller position can be fixed and you can get a stretch anywhere you like. *Only the VS model has the vibration function.

  3. Point 3Foldable and easy to carry

    Can be folded in half and easy to carry.

  4. Point 4Equipped with heater therapy

    It also has heater therapy so that it warms the body
    to improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.
    Not only does the warming of the body increase the relaxation effect,
    but it also increases the massage effect because the muscles are easily loosened.
    In addition, the role of the heater is very important because it activates
    the internal organs and enhances the effect of sleeping.

Product explanation video

Product specifications

Dimensions(mm) OPEN:L2100 x W680 x H90 / FOLDED:L1200 x W680 x H180
Weight 18kg
Sand bag(weight) 12kg(6kg x 2pcs)

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