Active Senior & Healthcare Products

Light Cane (Foldable)

Light cane protects you at night, by light.

Many active seniors who use sticks have felt uneasy when they walk in the dark. By using “Light Cane”, users can be seen when they are walking in towns. With lamp at the tip of the cane, users are easily noticed as they are out walking during the dark hours. The sensor of lamp will detect the darkness. The lamp flickers only if the tip absorbs impact in the darkness. The cane can be folded to compact size and put into bag. The height of shaft is adjustable.
Persons using a cane who would like to be noticed at night.
●LED flicker light
●Can be folded to compact size
Technical specifications
Length: 73-83 cm in full length (5 adjustable heights)
Shaft diameter: 15mm
Weight: 300g~335g
Material: shaft/carbon fiber (LC-13F, LC-14F), aluminum (LC-11F,LC-12F, LC-15F-21F)