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Inclining Chair "FB-IC3"

Not only practical, also considered for emergency and patient comfort.

For emergency, Inclining Chair, "FB-IC3", can promptly make the head in a lower position either manually or electrically (Trendelenburg Position). 3 motors adjust the back, legs, and height for the best position. "FB-IC3" can be as a comfortable sofa and relaxing bed (Stress Free-Relaxation Chair). The movable armrest can go outward horizontally up to 50° and fold up on the back (Easy to get on and off). "FB-IC3" equipped with the pole holder, so that optional IV Pole, TV monitor and table can be set easily.
For people who need "artificial dialysis" and/or "draw blood"
●Trendelenburg Position down to -13°
●Stress Free –Relaxation Chair
●Easy to get on and off
Technical specifications
(Chair Mode) W795 × D1365 × H1260 ~ 1460 × SH530 ~ 730mm
(Bed Moe) W795 × D1950 × SH530 ~ 730mm
Weight: 88kg
Materials: cushion: urethane foam
Color: Beige
Others: coated cloth is water proof