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Green Tea Pillow

Collaboration with ITOEN

The collaboration product with worldly well known green tea company "ITOEN".
The Green Tea Pillow is a pillow made from recycled tea leaves and has the original antibacterial and deodorant effects of green tea.
In addition, you can adjust the height by putting the material in and out. The Green Tea Pillow is a pillow that is friendly to you and also Earth-friendly.
People who are looking for the perfect pillow for themselves
● Collaboration with the world famous green tea brand ITOEN.
● Uses the material made by green tea leaves which have antibacterial and deodorant effects.
● This pillow can be adjusted the height.
Technical specifications
● Dimensions: L43.0 × W63.0cm
● Cover Material:cotton
● Stuffing Material:polyethylene pipe 0.9kg, green tea polyethylene pipe 0.4kg, polyester 0.3kg