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Convenient Wheelchair "Sideway"

A compact 6-roller wheelchair helps user to move towards all directions easily.

Sideway is a compact 6-roller wheelchair which helps user to move towards all directions easily, even in a narrow room. Besides, sideward moving function helps to move the wheelchair closer to the bed frame. Patient transferring can be done easily. Sideway has flip-up armrest, swing away footrest and quick release rear wheel. The sideward moving can be reached simply by just pulling the two side-levers or stepping the two back pedals. Sideward moving function doesn’t only facilitate the self-independence of the patient, but also reduce the burden of caregiver.
For people who want to change the direction of wheelchair freely in a narrow space.
●When transferring the patient, the wheelchair can be extremely close to the bed frame by simply taking off armrest, footrest and rear wheel.
●By using sideward moving function, the wheelchair moves towards all directions easily even in a narrow room.
Technical specifications
W590 × H980 × D870mm (folding: W410 × H625 × D730mm)
Seat width: 400mm
Seat height: 400mm
Weight: 17.7kg
Maximum load: 100kg
Materials: frame: aluminum
Color:blue X grey (reversible)