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Multi-Fit Hand Rails

The Multi-fit handrails can fit any physical condition and living environment!
And, no need to construct.

The Multi-fit Handrails was developed to fit the physical conditions and living environment.
By expanding the range of indoor activities, it supports the user’s self-independence.
People who need support in a daily life.
The Multi-Fit Hand Rails can adjust the height, length, shapes of rails and bases acoording to the users' body charactors and conditions.
Therefore, it can be put beside the bed, sofa, toilet. Also, Entrance and Corridor. Since it is self-supporting, no construction work is required.
Technical specifications
Total 118 different combinations to choose!
We will make the best proposal based on the on-site survey.

● Product weight: 19.6-74.8kg
● Safe working Load: 100kg
● Material: Iron, Resin, Wood.