Sound Sleep Products

Sleep Vantage Dr.

Help to reduce snoring and sleep in comfort

・Why do we snore?
Most chronic snorers are back sleeper. They fall asleep on their backs, with mouth opening widely and jaw dropping backward. As a result, their tongue slips to the back of the mouth and block the airway.
・How Dr. Sleep Vantage works
According to the research, once a snorer is positioned on his or her side, the snoring generally reduces. Dr. Sleep vantage is shaped to align user’s head and shoulders ergonomically. By using Dr. Sleep vantage, the user will sleep sideward comfortably. The opened airway results in reduce of snoring.
For people who suffers from sleep deprivation or chronic insomnia
●Reduce snoring
●Improve sleep quality
●Help user to maintain healthy
Technical specifications
Dimensions: M 43x65x12(cm) / L 45x65x14(cm)
Weight: M1.6kg / L2.0kg
Materials: cover : polyester 100%
outer cloth: polyester 100%
stuffing: polyurethane foam chips
Color: Pink - M / Blue - L
Others: washable cover with deodorant effect