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Silent Night Pillow

Height Adjustable Pillow for snoring People

Supervised by Dr. Snoring Pillow for Sleeping Sideways.
For those who want to sleep sideway ideally with a pillow that is the perfect height for the shoulder width.
People who suffer from snoring on a daily basis.
Silent Night Pillow was born from Dr. Ryoko Ikematsu's long-time snoring research.
Adjust the height to maintain sleeping sideway that prevents snoring.
The height is adjustable to fit the user’s body through the air.
Technical specifications
Silent Night Pillow
Size :L58×W30×H15cm
Material :
Pillow cover Fabric:100% cotton
Inner-cushion Fabric: 100% cotton
Inner-cushion Stuffing: (Surface) polyester cotton
(Back) PE pipe
Air cushion Fabric: PVC
Air cushion Stuffing: Urethane foam