Medical Facility & Nursing Home Products

Floor Bed

Can be lowered down to floor level to minimize damage from falling from the bed.

Floor Bed can be lowered down to a height of 11 cm. This is to avoid injuries in case falling out of the bed during sleep. While transferring in and out of the bed it can be set to a suitable height depending on the user and the caregiver. The height can be adjusted between 11 cm and 61 cm by using a controller. This provides the perfect working situation for the caregiver.The bed is designed to stop at the lowest height of 18cm (the toe clearance between the floor and moving parts) with standard controller. To proceed lowering down the bed, the caregiver needs to push a special button on the side frame. Retracable castor is available as optional accessory.
Persons with Dementia (Users who have a tendency to roll out of bed or fall)
●Height of 11cm protects users from fall injury.
●Adjustable to nursing height of 61cm
●Special button to lower less than 18cm gap.
●Detachable head and footboard
Technical specifications
Dimensions: 214 × 103 × 70.3 ~ 120.3cm (L × W × Adjustable Height)
Recommended mattress size: 181 × 91cm (L × W)
Height adjustment range: 60cm
HLtime: raising 58sec, descending 48sec (355mm stroke)
HLspeed: raising 6.1mm/s, descending 7.4mm/s
Back section range of adjustment: 75°
Leg section range of adjustment: 35°
Total weight: 62kg
Safe working Load: 135kg
Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz, 210W (continuous usage: 2mins)